The Sky Is Never

The Limit

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The most rewarding CAKE reflection token that doesn't overtax you - supported and supplemented by the development of solid technology and high quality DApps, charts and more! The first token that believes that the sky is never the limit. Earn CAKE today!

The Story so Far…

Ali’cia the Adonite’s world was a Utopia – but disease and war had ravaged her world, to the point where all but the most resistant had even the smallest chance of surviving. Wanting to save her people, she has travelled the known universe in her intergalactic ship, searching all around for a cure to the disease and plague that has hit her people. Crash-landing into a SpaceX building on the Sol system’s Earth, she discovers that they too are attempting to touch the stars!

Scanning the earth with Elon’s help reveals that she finally found the answer to her people’s problems – CAKE! By exchanging her advanced technological knowledge for Elon’s resources (mostly an extreme amount of CAKE), she and Elon are preparing for a journey back to Adoni, at the edges of this universe, to bring the cure to her people. Are you ready to join her?


Total Tax per transaction: 19%

9% Cake Rewards X 2!

Due to Ali’cia’s advanced understanding of quantum mechanics and energy, she is able to DOUBLE the cake rewards given out from volume, resulting in a massive total of 18% CAKE rewarded per transaction, with only half the tax!

1% Liquidity

Ali’cia’s ship is highly efficient, capable of converting mass into energy seamlessly and with very little waste – every transaction will allocate part of the funds into the energy core, ensuring that our journey is eco-friendly and smooth!

5% Marketing & Development

We are not alone in this wide, beautiful universe. What better way to make new friends and bring more CAKE than adding to the passengers on this ship? 5% of transactions will go to Marketing & development and will be directly converted into $CAKE to avoid any manipulation, which is used to bring proper marketing and to fund our revolutionary and refreshing technology!

4% Charity & Buyback

Ali’cia realised that not everything is at peace on Earth either, which is why she’s set up a teleporter on Earth and her ship – more people can always get on board, and she can send important resources back to improve the lives of her benefactors! Everything will be directly converted into $CAKE to avoid any manipulation!

Our Charity

We are dedicated to doing good in the world, which is why we have chosen to make our main charity for donations Alex’s Lemonade Stand – because CAKE always goes well with Lemonade!

Read Alex’s story: https://www.alexslemonade.org/about/our-mission-history

Donate yourself: https://www.alexslemonade.org/contribute/7

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Fighting childhood cancer, one cup at a time

SpaceXCake Roadmap

P3: 2021

SpaceXCake.com Goes Live
All social media platforms go live!
Presale Marketing Begins
Whitelist presale Contest Goes Live with big prizes!
Unique CAKE reflections contract launched
Extensive Paid Marketing Begins
Development of SPXcharts continues Weekly CAKE giveaways to the community

P4: 2021

Weekly CAKE giveaways to the community continue
Application for CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
Partnerships with charities released live
First donation to our partnered charity program(s)
Listings on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap
Release of SPXcharts V1.0

P1: 2022

Second donation to Charity!
Update to SPXCharts to improve useability and stability
Begin development of a mobile space shooter game
Begin development of Cross-Chain Exchange technology
Begin development of NFT platform using SXC as native token.
Website and socials updates
Merchandise release
Applications to list on Central Exchanges

P2: 2022

Finalize development of NFT platform using SXC as native token.
Finalize development of Cross-Chain Exchange development
Weekly CAKE giveaways to the community
Community vote on future vision
Finalize/release our technology

Our Team

The team exists of a core group of 8 people from all around the world that are driven for success and don’t take no for an answer – we have members from every walk of life, including successful entrepreneurs, marketing experts, design experts, software engineers and much more! We want to ensure that your experience as an investor goes as smoothly as possible – by creating new ways to boost and advertise all use cases for our token! This project will succeed with the help of an eager community combined with extensive paid marketing and alternative financial funding, such as real world applications and revolutionary technology – all so that our holders can get better rewards and a bright future in our project.

The community has a voice in basically every move we make – so please share your opinions and let us know what we can to create ways for a better stay and a brighter future of our project!